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  • <p>
	Small change makes big change</p>

    Small change makes big change

  • <p>
	Give a little change a lot</p>

    Give a little change a lot

  • <p>
	see how far</p>
	it goes</p>


    see how far

    it goes

  • <p>
	My small change makes a <nobr><span style="color: rgb(153, 196, 89);">big difference</span></nobr></p>
<p style="direction: ltr;">
	<nobr>what about yours? </nobr></p>

    My small change makes a big difference

    what about yours?


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Who can you round up for?

All charities that you can choose from have received the “Midot Seal of Effectiveness” and have been accepted to Round-Up's list only after the approval of Round-Up's Public Committee led by former Supreme Court President, Justice Meir Shamgar. Some of the organizations, because of their size and/or nature of operations, are ineligible to apply for the Midot Seal of Effectiveness and were instead examined specifically and carefully by Round-Up's Public Committee. In this way we guarantee that the donations reach organizations that provide maximum social benefit, transparency and proper management. You can choose from 155 different charities divided into 10 different categories. You can choose up to three destinations for your donations, which can be specific charities or a category. If you choose to donate to a category, your donation will be divided equally among the charities in that category.

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