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  • <p>
	Small change makes big change</p>

    Small change makes big change

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	Give a little change a lot</p>

    Give a little change a lot

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	see how far</p>
	it goes</p>


    see how far

    it goes

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	My small change makes a <nobr><span style="color: rgb(153, 196, 89);">big difference</span></nobr></p>
<p style="direction: ltr;">
	<nobr>what about yours? </nobr></p>

    My small change makes a big difference

    what about yours?


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Round-Up your salary



Round-Up turns the small change of individuals into a substantial donation, and a small personal action to a meaningful force. It enables the public to donate automatically, effectively and simply, on a monthly basis, via their paychecks. Embedding Round-Up into the salary system for interested employees enables them to "round" their salaries down to 5\10\20 NIS, with the rounded sum donated to charities close to the employee's heart. The employee chooses up to 3 donation destinations, in the same manner in which credit card transactions are rounded up and donated.


For example, a salary of 8,436.7 NIS can be:

• Rounded down to the nearest NIS 5 – the salary will be rounded to 8,435 NIS (1.7 NIS contributed).
• Rounded down to the nearest NIS 10 – the salary will be rounded to 8,430 NIS (6.7 NIS contributed).
• Rounded down to the nearest NIS 20 – the salary will be rounded to 8,420 NIS (16.7 NIS contributed).


The employer/company can also choose to match the employees' contributions. The Round-Up module can simply be embedded into the paycheck provider's services, for businesses using the following companies' software:


• Hilan pioneered the embedding of the Round-Up platform within salaries. The company provides its clients with the possibility of embedding our platform within their salary platform, free-of-charge. Hilan is a leading company in providing computer services for human resources departments. Hilan produces paychecks for over 600,000 employees every month for over 750 clients.

For further details:


• Har-Gal has developed, marketed, and provided services for human resources software for over 35 years. Via Har-Gal's salary software, hundreds of thousands of paychecks are produced for hundreds of organizations in all sectors of the Israeli economy.
For further details:

Malam Payroll is a leading provider for Human Capital Management  software solutions. We provide the at most advance  technologic solution, tailor made to each customer. Our solutions are based on a single unified dababase.
Among our customers are all government services, Civil capitals, hotels, retail brands and many more companies of the business sector.
Malam Payroll offers her customers, free of charge,  to take part in a social project called payroll round down.
For more information please visit our web site

There are dozens of companies in Israel which enable their employees to "round" their salaries via Round-Up, including: Amdocs, Psagot, Makhteshim-Agan, Retalix, Verint, Hilan-Tech, Hertz, Meuhedet, the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, RAFA Labs, Precise Software, Egilent, Safenet, Ariel University, Kodak, Yellow Pages, Hot, ECI, Motorola Solutions and others.


To join Round-Up, please contact our offices at *6360 or via email: