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  • <p>
	Small change makes big change</p>

    Small change makes big change

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	Give a little change a lot</p>

    Give a little change a lot

  • <p>
	see how far</p>
	it goes</p>


    see how far

    it goes

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	My small change makes a <nobr><span style="color: rgb(153, 196, 89);">big difference</span></nobr></p>
<p style="direction: ltr;">
	<nobr>what about yours? </nobr></p>

    My small change makes a big difference

    what about yours?


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  • What is the registration process for charities?

    All charities are selected by Round-Up's Public Committee. The Committee discusses new charities around December of each year. Charities interested in being considered for eligibility to Round-Up's list are requested to approach Round-Up no later than October.

    The charities are to meet the following criteria:
    • A valid certificate of proper administration (Nihul takin).
    • A valid certificate with regards to item 46(a) of the tax code.
    • A valid "Seal of Effectiveness" from Midot*.

    * Every charity must have a valid "Seal of Effectiveness". The certificate is granted following a process conducted by Midot. For further details and information about the process, click here. Midot can also be reached via phone: 03-5373363.

    The Public Committee has set forth a limited quota of organizations whose annual activity does not exceed 1,000,000 NIS; these organizations are not eligible to undergo Midot's analysis. These organizations will face a different procedure, in the framework of which they will be requested to provide the Committee with the following documents:

    1. A certificate from Midot with regards to their inability to be thoroughly analyzed.
    2. Midot's self-ranking document, thoroughly filled out by the organization.
    3. Midot's questionnaire.
    4. Ethics declaration.
    5. General data form.
    6. Accountant's approval with regards to lack of debt.

    For questions please contact us at *6360 or at

  • Where does the money go to?

    100% of your donation goes to the charities you select when you register. All available charities have received Midot's "Seal of Effectiveness" and were carefully selected by Round-Up's Public Committee headed by former President of the Supreme Court of Israel, Justice Meir Shamgar. This guarantees that all of your donation will reach charities providing effective social benefit as well as administrative transparency. The selection of charities is up to the donor.

  • Is there a default donations destination?

    The default donation destination is to make donations to all the registered charities. The donations will be equally distributed among the charities.

  • What happens if I change my mind? How can I cancel the service?

    The service can be canceled immediately at any time by either:

    • Online: similar to the registration process, you will be required to press the appropriate credit card icon, insert the details of the registered credit card, press the termination icon, affirm your selection and finish the process.

    • Contact us at *6360 or at and we will cancel the service for you.

  • What is the average donation sum per month?

    The average monthly donation for credit cards is 3.90 NIS, and the average donation per month via paychecks is 5.5 NIS.

  • Can I change my donation destinations?

    Destinations can be updated at any time. The update can be done in one of the following ways:


    • Online: similar to the registration process, you will be required to press the appropriate credit card icon, insert the details of the registered credit card, update the destinations, affirm your selection and finish the process.

    • Contact us at *6360 or at and we will make the changes for you.

  • Where can I see how much I have donated?

    In your monthly credit reports you will be able to see the donation amount and destinations. Watch Example

  • What happens if the charity I choose is removed from the service?

    If the charity was not the only donation destination, the sum will be distributed among the remaining desired destinations. If no other destination was chosen, the sum will be distributed among the charities in the relevant activity field. A message regarding the removal of the charity as a donation destination will be displayed in your monthly credit card report.

  • Do I receive a receipt for my donation?

    Donations via Round-Up are tax-deductible. Should a receipt be needed, it will be issued. We would like to remind you that the donations made in this framework are far beneath the tax level. For Invoice Click Here

  • Is my private information transferred to the charity?

    No. the charity to which you have made a donation receives no information about you. The charity has no knowledge with regards to the identity of the donor, nor does it have the means to communicate with you. Round-Up does not receive your private information either.

  • How can I join?

    You can join in any of these ways:

    • Online: Select the appropriate credit card icon in order to begin a simple, short and quick process.

    • Contact us at *6360 or at and our representative will sign you up;

    in case we were not able to answer your call, please leave your contact information and we will contact you soon.

  • How can a business join?

    A business can join in one of the following ways:

    Round-Up salaries:

    • Via Hilan's software.

    • Via Har-gal software.


    Round-Up credit cards:

    Through a credit card campaign; please contact Round-Up at *6360 or at to begin.

  • Where can I find information regarding the number of registered individuals and donation sums?

    On our website, click on “About”; then, click on “Documents”. Item #9 on the list is “Donors and donations to Round-Up’s non-profit organizations”. The document lists the number of registered individuals with a detailed, monthly distribution of donated funds among our organizations. Please note that the month by month reports are divided to sheets. To examine the documents, please click here.

  • Is Round-Up being managed in a transparent fashion?

    All of Round-Up's relevant documentation could be found in the “Documents” section.

  • I would like to talk to you.

    We would be glad to be in touch; contact details are available here.

  • Who are we?

    Round-Up is a registered non-profit organization, established in 2008 by Orni Petruschka, Jacob Burak and Yehoshua Agassi, in order to encourage the general public to make small donations to public charities as a part of their daily routine. The organization is the Israeli branch of the international, innovative Round-Up International initiative. Israel was chosen to be the first country in which the initiative is implemented.

  • How can I volunteer?

    Please click here.