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	Small change makes big change</p>

    Small change makes big change

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	Give a little change a lot</p>

    Give a little change a lot

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	see how far</p>
	it goes</p>


    see how far

    it goes

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	My small change makes a <nobr><span style="color: rgb(153, 196, 89);">big difference</span></nobr></p>
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	<nobr>what about yours? </nobr></p>

    My small change makes a big difference

    what about yours?


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Public Committee

Round-Up's Public Committee is an independent entity aimed at building, designing and maintaining the list of charities currently eligible to receive donations through Round-Up.


The Committee discusses and makes decisions about a variety of ethical, public and moral issues that require a ruling in order to create a varied, high quality list of charities, based on transparency criteria. The Committee works to ensure that the list of eligible charities reflects, as best possible, the interests of the Israeli public, and enables each donor to find a charity who's agenda is close to his/her heart.


The Committee includes 7-10 volunteer members chosen by the Board of Directors; allCommittee members are highly prominent members of Israel's civil society. The Committee meets as required, usually twice a year. The members are committed to work in a fair and objective manner, with social sensitivity and professional and impartial judgment. The Committee's decisions regarding charities eligible to be included in the list of donation destinations are final and will guide the Board of Directors with regards to the following issues:

1. The type, number and assortment of charities to be added to the Round-Up platform.
2. The variety of categories and charities offered as destinations for donations.
3. Criteria and prerequisites for joining Round-Up.
4. The procedure for removing a charity from the list of donation destinations.
5. The procedure for appeals on the Committee's decision.
6. The policy regarding charities that are not eligible to be added to the list of donation destinations.

Some of the Committee's most prominent decisions include:
1. The list of eligible charities must be diversified enough to enable each donor to find a cause close to his/her heart.
2. The Committee will not discuss sectoral charities such as religious or political charities, apart from sectoral charities which promote national objectives such as supporting underprivileged populations.
3. All charities featured by Round-Up should have an updated "Seal of Effectiveness" issued by "Midot".

As of 2015, the Public Committee includes:
1. Supreme Court President (Retired) Justice Meir Shamgar
2. Att. Orna Lin
3. Eilat Navon
4. Jacob Burak
5. Kher Albaza
6. Professor Ishai Bar
7. Professor Leah Ahdut
8. Prof. Moshe Halbertal