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  • <p>
	Small change makes big change</p>

    Small change makes big change

  • <p>
	Give a little change a lot</p>

    Give a little change a lot

  • <p>
	see how far</p>
	it goes</p>


    see how far

    it goes

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	My small change makes a <nobr><span style="color: rgb(153, 196, 89);">big difference</span></nobr></p>
<p style="direction: ltr;">
	<nobr>what about yours? </nobr></p>

    My small change makes a big difference

    what about yours?


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How can a charity join?

Round-Up is a unique donations' platform, making donations easier, simpler and more effective than ever. We welcome charities to our platform, as an effective and worthy means of crowdfunding.

The list of charities using the Round-Up platform is diverse, so that each and every Israeli may find a cause worthy of their donation. Round-Up conducts a meticulous assessment of the charities it serves, thus providing the Israeli donor with the confidence that their donation is utilized in the most effective way.

Charities wishing to join the Round-Up platform are to be assessed by Round-Up's Public Committee. In order for a charity to be presented to the Committee, it must meet the following criteria:

  • A valid certificate of proper administration (Nihul takin).
  • A valid tax exempt certificate – item 46(a).
  • A valid "Seal of Effectiveness" from Midot* (the Seal can only be issued by Midot, following the successful completion of its due diligence assessment; more information on the process could be found here, or at 03-5373363).

New applications are assessed in the Committee's annual meeting in December; applications are due by October.

Criteria for the Assessment of New Applications

The committee has set-forth the following criteria for the assessment of new applications: Midot's effectiveness test, budget, number of beneficiaries, years of activity and the charity's type.

The committee has decided that:

  • Attainment of the Midot Seal of Effectiveness is a mandatory prerequisite, regardless of the charity's size and operations.
  • The following charities will not be able to join Round-Up:
    • General hospitals
    •  Education and higher education institutions
    •  Unions
    • Charities serving special interest groups
    • Charities serving a local or municipal cause
    •  Government-led or municipal-led charities
    •  Research institutions and award competitions
    •  Pre military preparatory institutions ("mechina")
  • Welfare and food security charities will be discussed individually
  • Charities which are subsidiaries of national umbrella organizations are ineligible. Only the umbrella organization is eligible to join Round-Up.
  • The charity's turnover must exceed 500,000 NIS.

Charities with over 200 subscribers will also be eligible to benefit from undesignated donations to the field of their work, as well as from general undesignated donations.

A charity may appeal against a decision made Round-Up's institutions to an appeals committee. The committee shall comprise of two members from the Public Committee who are nominated temporarily. The decision of the two committee's members will be final.

For additional information please contact us at *6360 or at